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We are a reputed management consulting firm based in Nigeria. We offer risk management and consulting services to industry, commerce and public sector organizations providing  consultancy on enterprise risk management, business continuity, disaster recovery management, call centre, contact centre and help desk management, customer support, information security and integrity, service management, outsourcing, service level agreements, customer care, with training courses and training workshops for IT service management, telecommunications service management, crisis management, business continuity, infrastructure management, quality management, procurement management, contract management, personal development.

We also offer products for design, implementation of risk management, business impact analysis, business continuity and IT disaster recovery solutions
Astom best known for helping organizations implement successful Total Quality Management (TQM) strategies, Leadership and Leadership Training, Management and Middle Management Training, Organizational Alignment, and Alignment Measurement and Consulting.

Astom is a leading provider of Quality Improvement and Awareness, Process Improvement and process audit, Productivity Improvement and Continuous Improvement Training with World-Class Management and Supervisory Skills Training.

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