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    Internal Generated Revenue

    We seek based on our background and our wide experience and knowledge of taxation and revenue management, to assist and partner with the state government in implementing specific revenue initiatives to significantly enhance Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) to levels much higher than the current IGR.

    Customized Revenue Software Application
    We shall introduce a specialised software application that would assist in the management of IGR information. It is compatible with Oracle Application and other E-government applications and can therefore be easily integrated into the state IT system.
    This software has the capability of;

      • Implementing a simplified and user-friendly tracking and reporting system to assist the government in decision making.
        Providing easy communication channel between the taxpayers and the Government and also serving as a platform for control and standardisation of processes.
         Automating the assessment process and producing customised assessment notices in MDAs in order to eliminate under assessment and collection of fines, levies and fees due to Zamfara State.
        Generating trend analysis for prompt tracking and collection of all revenue due to the State government.
        Providing seamless information flow and interconnectivity among all the ministries, parastatals and agencies of the government including tax stations.
        Generating sundry reports to boost prompt reporting, monitoring, reconciliation and accounting for daily revenue i.e. daily collection by banks, Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

        Tracking, Maintaining and Reconciliation of Bank Transaction 
        Reconciliation of transactions with the various Banks will be done on daily basis to ensure government receipts are promptly captured and domiciled to Government approved accounts.  
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