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    Tax and Tax Management
    In an increasingly globalised environment, managing tax responsibilities and planning tax affairs is becoming more complex. To help manage the challenges of multi-jurisdictional operations, Astom offer tax management consulting services to help government and businesses create new standards of best practice in tax processes, controls, revenue , and automation solutions.
    We have experts who can help you evolve a new role for the tax function, one which pro-actively manages change, creates value for the organization, and meets the challenges of quality, revenue generation, assurance, and control. Our tax management consulting services includes:

    • Tax strategy and risk management
    • Tax operations - Process consulting and advisory

    Astom consulting Tax Management Services team can help your organization move forward from current state to the next-generation tax function, supporting you in such areas as:

    • Tax strategy and operations – Helping your organization align its tax operations with its overall corporate and tax strategies.
    • Tax risk management – Helping your organization develop a measured and methodical approach to tax risk management, including the tax provision process.
    • Tax data and information management –Assisting with the design and implementation of tax-specific ERP applications and the implementation of tax record storage and recovery processes.
    • Tax technology and systems integration – Helping you examine the range of tax-specific opportunities with regard to tax technology and systems.
    • Tax process improvement – Helping you explore areas of opportunity for refining, reducing, and eliminating redundant processes and driving improved performance. 
    • Tax organization and resources – Helping you lay the groundwork for a tax organizational structure that can be scalable to address business changes. We have the skills, resources, experience and tools — and a cohesive yet flexible approach. Our teams are composed of specialists from a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines and industries. So as issues and opportunities appear, we can apply the resources necessary to guide and reinforce your in-house tax resources as your needs change.
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